Hiring people for a Pakistani startup? Lookout for these red flags.
Ali Ashraf

While I don’t agree with everything you wrote in there, I do agree with the most of it. You are new to this, and I have been doing this since 2012, may I suggest something?

Here is one specific advice I can share with recruiters. “DON’T ASK FOR RESUMES/CVs” Period. Build a form and make them fill it. Ask the questions and if a candidate is unable to get through the form, you def. don’t want to hire them. This workflow has helped me downsize 10K+ resumes to hardly 100 forms. That’s a big win!

One more thing, recruiters here in Pakistan like to fish for CVs even if they don’t have a vacancy. I read your job postings, sounded a lot like what everyone else writes.

While this is my opinion, I think being honest and as straightforward as possible helps you get more attention from potentially interested people.

For example, if you have a budget in mind, why don’t you be direct about it? Everyone writes about what skills they need, and not many people talk about what an employee — if ever got selected — would be doing at a new startup even if it is a funded one.

Startups have a sense of no direction (i.e. Doing one thing for a day or two and then shifting complete workflows and iteration at a blazing speed, which is both good and bad) and that’s what most employees hate about them. So, I suggest that recruiters should also change the way they post about jobs if they expect better results.

Your fellow recruiter!
P.S. Your article sounds hostile as if you were insulting people. May I recommend to tone it down a little as if you are helping them get better instead of discarding them.
P.P.S. I appreciate all the work you have been doing so don’t categorize this as a personal attack or something.

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