How to convert more site visitors from your ads

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Running ads but not seeing a strong sales performance?

While being creative and nailing your targeting both play an important role in driving people to your site, what happens after the click is just as crucial in getting someone to buy.

So where should you start?

Improving the bridge between your Facebook/Google/etc. ads and your website is easier than you think.

Just follow the three Cs of landing page optimization to improve your conversion rates:

  • Continuity
  • Content
  • Call to action (CTA)


How can you improve the flow between ads and landing pages so the experience feels consistent?

Make sure there’s…

Going international is a great way to scale your business with Facebook ads.

There’s less competition in other markets compared to the US and enough demand if done right.

We did that with one of our clients (case study) and saw tremendous success including increasing order volume by 62%.

But, there’s a number of watch outs to consider before you launch internationally.

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The top 5 watch outs before going international with Facebook ads:

  1. Data compliance based on region
  2. Selling in localized currency
  3. Selling in localized language
  4. Making international shipping capabilities and costs clear
  5. Transparency around duties and taxes

Until you’ve laid the groundwork for each of these, it doesn’t make sense…

Maurice Rahmey

Continually learning about digital marketing & business. Currently running Previously working @Facebook.

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