You could save thousands in fees by choosing an appropriate platform for your circumstances

The Investment Savings Account (ISA) scheme is a UK saving incentive scheme that exempts investments from capital gains tax and any cash interest or investment yield from UK dividend and income taxes. You can effectively pretend they don’t exist for (non-inheritance) tax purposes. As of 2019/20 each adult can wrap up to £20,000 in each tax year in an ISA (adding to what they have already contributed in previous years).

For long-term investing (e.g. for retirement) most people will opt to invest in a stocks & shares ISA. You can to do this with one of the many authorised ISA…

Do you have a 2006–2012 vintage MacBook lying around that you no longer use on a daily basis? These make capable media servers and network attached storage that perform on par with consumer NAS devices.

This article explains why you might want to do this, and how to do it.


Like many people, I use external USB hard drives connected to my MacBook for backups and media. I spend about half my time working at my desk, where the hard drives are connected via USB-C, and the rest of the time working from the sofa or outside my house.


Alexander Mackie

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