#31DaysOfAlPete Day 31: Happy 1st Birthday to me & Notsucal ‘G3.5' album!!

…memory flow.

I remember riding back from Miami in July 2014 thinking: I need to do this damn album and chill on my ‘living life a tad’ tip. I enjoyed that time span. I still worked but I definitely did more than enough in 2014. Note: Notsucal had sent me the beats in 2013…so yeah I was sitting on them…BUT…from July 2014 to December 2014…I worked on the second installment/5 year compliment to our first album (G3.0…which came out 5 years ago): G3.5.

I loved how I just said ‘fuck it…I’m gonna do this album how I wanna do it…just be carefree with it (No Understanding)…speak lightly on serious stuff (Real Love and Life)…and continue to make this statement of my place in Hip Hop (Independence Day). I loved the roll out of the album (thank you to all the blogs and publishers…Void Magazine…you’ll see me soon)…like…I absolutely loved how things connected when it was released. I didn’t make it a political move like the other albums…I just did it, released it, and boom. It was (and still is) great.

Thanks to the features on the album: T.W.A.N., Jamia Alesia, Demetrius Moody, and Jawayne…which I have a story behind him below. Context clues folks:

…this was on my memory on Facebook…5 years ago he said this…and 5 years later, he’s on one of my most powerful heartfelt songs I’ve done. He closed my album with pure talent and heart. Thank you brother. See how the Hip Hop Gods work?

Thank you as well to Notsucal for believing in me. More work ahead.

Links to the album and videos below. Enjoy.

G3.5 album:

Independence Day video:

No Understanding video:

Righteous breakdown:

P.S. To whoever checked out my 31 Days of my music and moves…THANK YOU SO MUCH. More music and moves for the ‘16. Happy New Year. Evelyn.

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