Weekend (See Some Thangs)…literally

…I did some cool stuff this weekend. I had a total of 4 gig (5 actually…at work as I type). I’m stupidly thankful for the opportunities and faith folks put in me to do music work. Here are some photos from the weekend (P.S. For you later bloomers, ‘Weekend’ reference comes from my song I did in 2013…GOOGLE).

My Dad told me some months ago: ‘prepare for the opportunity’. I can go on a spill about that alone but that’s enough to say on that. Thank you Dad…and thank you to Meow & Barks, Fabulous Faces, Corey Frere, T. May & Shaunee of V101.5/93.3/iHeart Radio, Alethia Russ, & Darryl Green of Universal Green.

…more to come y’all. I gotta get back on my documentation tip.

‘Take Flight’ Fashion Show

…the brother Gene Dot Com at The Black Expo.

Ms. Shaunee…she’s the best y’all!

…Monique Blue…she’s a dope lady too…she looks out too!

…dope show Mario. Had the honor to DJ for him at the last drop. Thank you T. May (not pictured…missed grabbing a picture of her…and of Alethia).

…V101.5 DJs.

…Universal Green. #LOSTMPNPHOTOS

…at work now. Excuse the flipper…they need cleaning.


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