Mister Peterson’s Neighborhood: Clear Visions: Destroyed purpose.

I went to my mailbox to see if I got a shirt I ordered that PERFECTLY goes with this…instead, I received this.


I’ll try not to make this a sympathy post. More so an awareness post.

17 years later, this case I’ve played both ends of, overall, served NO purpose. Both ends: meaning I was the non custodial and the custodial parent (the latter much and deserved longer). It has done nothing but destroyed what the purpose was supposed to be. We all know what the true purpose is supposed to be with child support…but we also know that it rarely (if not, never) helps the unfortunate situation. Relationships are indirectly, then directly torn. Attitudes that need no place in a person’s heart and mind form and never really go away. If you’re not careful and strong willed, you will hate or go against the system in all ways (you will question every damn red cent that comes out of your account, even if you’re on the receiving end). Explanations to the kid don’t register at all. I could definitely go on about it.

To speak on the system: it completely sucks. It has no govern. Of course, it has no empathy…Jesus, don’t even think that they’ll be considerate to any situation, whether it’s a logic or a simple personal bearing. They move when they wanna move (you better check your mailbox…like how I did at god damn 12:23am…it might have been a court appearance on Tuesday morning…which isn’t enough time to let your boss know, which you hope they understand something they have no previous knowledge of…THEN you would need to notify your lawyer, which deals with so many other cases similar to yours…THEN you have to think about if you’re gonna get paid for being off to handle a circumstance that could easily be solved by 2 adults over a soda…or in 2016 version, a text…but I digress). Also…they completely suck.

Child support is NOT systematic. Remember that please…and learn how to be civil and deal with this outside of running to Davis Street (or whatever the office street is located on in your city) reporting your feelings and including co defendants that are probably going through the same shit…or have a sister that’s going through it too. Plus it’s an ultimate headache…to you…to the other parent…and your kid(s) pick that vibe up all day…even if they’re 6 or 16…and do remember…this is spoken from me…that’s been on the receiving support end longer than I was a ‘baby daddy’.

I’ll eventually do another form of display of my journey with this. Some part of me feels like I need to run it by DeJuan’s mom but the other end is telling me that I’ll be a fool and I need to share this for someone that doesn’t have any education of this demon. The Lord plays a role on that too. I feel it’s purpose to speak on this so others can get the light bulb treatment.

That purpose won’t be destroyed.

Fin(ished at 12:54am).