Mister Peterson’s Neighborhood: Clear Visions: Liquid Radio by Bridgeh2o #7

…first posting in some days. Straight up and down…*in typical nigga voice*…I ain’t feeling shit. Shit…meaning anyone or anything. I had a long ass day Saturday from working (I worked that week prior to and after I got off work Friday night)…so between that and my typical ‘I feel like everything around me is typical’ feelings…I checked out. I’m still in that mode unfortunately but yeah man…I ain’t feeling people and things. I’m working on getting back right though.

*thinks*…yeah…I ain’t feeling shit…AT. ALL.

…then I listened to the good sir Tommy Bridgewater’s new podcast episode. Man. Life it gave me…outside of him admirably big’n me up (ON MY EMCEE SKILLS). Y’all know by now…I love my city (Jacksonville, Florida if you’re under a 18 wheeler)…so this show exemplifies the ‘soul’ music here (note: ‘soul’ is use for the lack of a better name/term…forgive…I’m writing this at work…and no, I’m not on break #fuckitthough #corporatethuggin). I recommend y’all this.

Let me add on, the fact that Tommy gives his background on each artist, resume acknowledging to personal knowledges and dealings, is dope. This is a ‘history/do the data’ lesson along with an ‘I’m apologetic/let’s be great despite it all/I love my people’ flare to it (no pun and pun intended/double entendre…if you listen, you’ll catch the reference). I dig it…humanity.

Enjoy y’all. I’ll be back swanging on y’all soon. I love y’all…whoever reading it. Dig.

P.S.S. Peace to the artists that were acknowledged on here. All dope souls. Let’s work again.

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