Mister Peterson’s Neighborhood: Clear Visions: ‘Listening Is An Act of Love’

…I was assigned to pick a story from a PBS POV (point of view) list and answer some questions my English 1102 professor after watching it. Thank goodness it was a video versus an article…yeah it was some hours before it was due so I needed something that was visual to complete this work in a timely manner.

I first picked a story about Noe Rueda telling his high school teacher Alex Fernandez about growing up in Chicago. Short story (literally), he helped his mom with the home and he realizes he’s poor…and ends up in college. Now…sound like a typical ‘struggle’ story but it shows a gang of positive messages. It was a cool 3 minute video…I knock the paper out…boom. I know I got an A *laughs*…on the flip…I told myself that I would watch the rest of these shows on this link in the future. I actually picked the one above and watched it…which tied it all in.

Short speech: it’s all about taking the time out and listening to people and it speaks on courage and respect and some other things…but this set well with me because folks just don’t listen anymore…to anything or anyone. Hopefully this post will get more of the folks around me to listen more and talk less…when in regards to life. I hope yall take the time to watch it. It did my spirit some good and gave me a small idea on something…but I’ll explain later because I’m sleepy as all out.

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