Mister Peterson’s Neighborhood: Clear Visions: Voting.

…I just flunked an Anatomy exam. I made some effort but I just didn’t put much ‘all’ to studying. No excuses but the brain is stupid fried. If I could just go to sleep for some steady hours, I’ll be ok.

So yesterday, I voted. Didn’t want to at all but my Grandpa and his buddies were singing from the graves. I get and respect my Grandpa part in black history and for us to equally vote/have rights…I promise I do…but I can’t get pass some of the bullshit that goes on in this world. Also, I’m completely sick of doing shit to ‘save face’ or because of some lesser evils shit. I feel like my whole life has been on that tip. I’m over it y’all and I really wish I could just say ‘fuck a lot of shit that we’re subjected to do and I wanna do what I wanna do’ (…and when I say I wanna do what I wanna do…it’s really nothing. Shit like…record music…care for the love(s) of my life…travel and hit festivals…and drink vodka. Like that…).

All my life, I’ve been this good guy. Fucked that up a bit when I had a kid at a good vital part of my life (18) but whatever…I’ve own to it with all honor and love. I’ve always obeyed laws, my parents, family, peers, authority…all of that. I never was the impulsive type. I walked that straight line on most things. I don’t fully get to be myself with my views or just who I am as a person because I don’t want to be this wreck less guy on this planet (when I speak my opinion on things, everyone thinks I’m this mad man. The passion is always mistaken). I could go on but y’all get the point…but lately yo, I been really wanting to say fuck a lot of shit and just be liberal…which won’t be so much harm…if that. So my question in this mindset I’m in is: why the hell do I need to exercise my right to vote for some bullshit?

I really wanna walk out of this class man. I’m not here today.

One thought that comes to me is that it’s a lot of shit that’s stated in The Constitution that don’t fly at all around my parts…and even outside of that…but I better vote because it’s the right thing to do…and this mostly comes from folks who don’t know a thing about the voting process. Another thought is: why and how the hell did Donald Trump get to this position?? How was that allowed?? I’ve been asking folks…what are the Republicans doing and thinking about this? From my ignorance as a kid, Republicans ruled the government. Not so much now but they’re still being seen in a bigger light…or should I say…they’re viewed as the big bad wolf that don’t take crap (the swearing is high…sorry)…so with that said…why is this circus allowed to go on?? That alone AND along with other things have me questioning me bubbling for a lesser evil. ‘Yeah…the evil preys for folks like you not to vote’ and ‘yeah…you’re ignorant if you don’t use your voice’…but from statistics, (over) 1.6 million folks (in Florida alone) can’t vote…because of a criminal record…but Trump is close to becoming our President. I don’t get that Grandpa.

It’s like a game of chess, checkers, Tetris, Duck Hunt, Goldeneye 006, and pin the tail on the donkey, AND Russian Roulette when it comes to the politics of today…and I feel like I’m playing right along with them. I would love to stop it but I guess I gotta just cut it out and deal with the consequences. Like…I don’t wanna follow the rules anymore. I don’t wanna do what it’s supposed to be right to do. I don’t wanna vote for some completely stupid race that means completely nothing to me…to you…to the world…nothing. Call me foolish for my thoughts but I swear I feel like a Sucka for my vote. I promise I’m gonna work on it…or just not voice it and no one knows. I know my heart and mind is for the greater good…I don’t wanna waste anymore time voting and putting time into something that don’t give a damn about me or us.

I’m through…I could go on but I won’t. Whoever read this…thanks. Plus I need to act like I wanna pass this class.

P.S. I could SO go on and on with facts and personal thoughts and feelings. I hate even cutting it off but no one reads these days. Just know one day, I’m gonna proudly stand by my decisions…and feel good about it all, including myself. I love and miss you Grandpa and Auntie Doris.

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