Mister Peterson’s Neighborhood: #songfortheWEEKEND

…great Friday folks. It’s the #WEEKEND …it’s in our faces…time to relax and catch up on what we been wanting to do while we been facing these last 5 days. I have no gig tonight…I’m SO ready to relax (and do/listen to music…I’ll jump on my homework Saturday at some point). Anywho…

…so to add to my developing promo game, on Fridays, I’ll post a song that I either dig or I think you would dig that would fit into your #WEEKEND moves. I decided to call it #songfortheWEEKEND …you ask why (ask me…do it *heehee*)…

The word ‘weekend’ is capitalized to commemorate a song from my 3rd (emcee) album: Fish In The Forest (video below). I love that song…it’s about me enjoying…the weekend…on my (Evelyn) flow. So I figure, to continue to tie in my music moves with my experimental promo, plus give y’all something to vibe to…it should be a win-win with all the supporting and contributing components. Dig.

So with that, the song I posted today is a Kendrick Lamar performance he did on Jimmy Fallon. He’s super dope on it…like he’s not human (I’m very sure to some) but human (to me). Enjoy.

P.S. I’ll be posting various songs, mixes, interviews, anything that will add to your #WEEKEND moves. Hope y’all enjoy.

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