Mister Peterson’s Neighborhood: Clear Visions: A Tribe Called Quest Honorary Game I Play!

…good day people. My description was too long to post on Facebook so I took it to Medium *crowd applause*! I’m on Day 3 of it…we’re only doing 7 but it’s fun. I wish we did more games like this online. I enjoy doing them and reading folks stories.

The other days are on my Facebook page: Al Pete (follow me…). Here we go:

In honor of A Tribe Called Quest latest release, “We Got It From Here…Thank You 4 Your Service”, let’s celebrate their music and what ATCQ means to you.

1) Post a video or song title.

2) Give a brief description or share a memory of why you chose that song.

3) Tag seven friends to participate in the challenge with you. Please Include the person that nominated you.

4) Commit to posting and sharing a ATCQ song/memory, consistently for seven days.

5) Use the hashtags below:





Day 3: Remixes, to me, were supposed to be hyper than the originals. An add-on to the music move. My thinking was (in my 90s/growing up and learning (Hip Hop) music thoughts)…if the original is dope, add more to make it funkier! Especially if you could hear someone on it! When I heard this Craig Mack remix w/ Tip…aiight, word…funk! I didn’t know Tip produced this song until YEARS later (probably the same time I learned about who J. Dilla was…which was in 1998-ish…way after he did ALL of them classics w/ The Pharcyde, Tribe, etc.). So I’m thinking ‘Tip rhymes AND produces??’ DOPE!!

I’m sure a lot of artists were on that tip back then but for my reference, he was Kanye before Kanye *laughs*! Studies later, Tip has done a number of productions. Hell I didn’t know he did majority of Tribe stuff. That made me go revisit all of their music again (I still have moments where I listen to Tribe and Dilla and others as if it’s new…I love it).

Peace to Jason Rall (aka Big Worm) for putting me up on Slum Village/J. Dilla at Savannah State. Life music for real. By that time, The Love Movement was out and I didn’t think it would be the last Tribe album…until last Friday. Hip Hop. I didn’t know Dilla was ALL over Beats, Rhymes, and Life album (I have yet to figure out my favorite Tribe albums but I talk so much about this album and bump the hell out of Midnight Marauders so it’s between those).

P.S. The sample of this is very small. I be amazed at how he picked that subtle but ‘abstract’ part and make it a 4 minute loop. Awesome shit. Check it below:


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