Mister Peterson’s Neighborhood: Clear Visions: Album talkin’


…evenin’ good folks. I haven’t been on this joint since February. Tragic, I believe. It’s been cool with me. Hope yall been rockin’ true.

So…part 1 of the album, Mister Peterson’s Neighborhood, will be to the world in 48 hours or so. I’ll be using this platform to speak on each song in detail, some cool and not so cool challenges with makin’ this process, why it’s a part 1 and part 2, how much this all costs, where I’m at mentally, some habits I have developed, and some things in between. I’ll also be thankin’ some important folks. Yeah…all of that.

Photography by Yazi Davis. This was the ‘original’ cover.

Hope yall dig these. If you’re a ‘I love when a cool artist gives us background thoughts and feelings’ type a person, I’m sure you’ll appreciate. More to come.

  • Allen

P.S. 5th studio album. Feel like I need more…but I’m thankful to see 5. Rock on yo *clink*.