Mister Peterson’s Neighborhood: Clear Visions: ‘Beat Bang’ feat. Kyle Williams

…good day…good evening Neighbors and Groovers. Hope y’all at peace with it.

I woke up this morning and released a song I did but been sitting on. It needs another mix and a master but it probably wouldn’t have got done and I don’t wanna disappear with my music on a hard drive…so I released it. It’s the #DIEEMPTY feeling I’ve been having.

Song was recorded (at home) last year some time. I wanted to add more element to it so I asked Kyle Williams if he could put some licks on it…well…I asked 4 guitarist in Duval to do this and none came through…I asked Kyle I believe on a Wednesday, he had it done in 2 days and I paid him (he’s in Atlanta by the way…do the math AND the logic). After that, I sat on it to let it come to me…what else I needed to do. I felt like I was sitting on it too long so I did some voiceovers and put echos on it (I have to explain to y’all one day on how I mix the DJ side of me up with the ‘producer/engineer’ side of me…I think it’s funny because I’m sure it’s easier ways to do what I do but I feel like I waste time learning something I’m not skilled in or try to be skilled in…BUT it gets done and it turns out cool…I.E. The Groove Suite Podcast). I did some ‘how it sounds to me’ mixing to it and left it…and left it…and left it…until this morning. Oh…produced by Notsucal.

The picture wasn’t even supposed to be for this song. I wanted to really write a SONG for the picture but…it didn’t happen. I got tired of holding this picture too…and this picture means a lot more to me and my life now than it did when it was taken, without any intent. I did write a song with the same content for the picture so when it’s recorded, I’ll release.

Photography by C.L. McCain

Song breakdown.

First verse: speaking from a typical black male mindset. Second verse: speaking from my son’s (17 year old and probably now) mindset. Third: a combination of the 2 verses and some added stuff. Not going to lie…I wish I could have that mindset at times because it seems to be so easy to live but the outcomes of them is brutal and I’m good on that…for now. I’m learning to take chances in life and yeah…another story but the chances some (black men) take is crazy to me…so I spoke on it. It’s like ‘ok…it’s a lot of shit going on that need to be taken serious and avenues to prevent the bad coming to me…but I’m still gonna go and fuck up and NOT learn or deal with it’…yeah…like that. I get it at times but overall, I don’t.

I’m gonna go through my hard drive this weekend and pull some songs I didn’t release and mixes too and just let em go. More to come. Enjoy the holiday. It’s summertime.


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