Mister Peterson’s Neighborhood: Clear Visions: Happy 10th anniversary ‘Talk About It’


Good morning/day/evening people. I fell asleep and now, I’m up looking foolish. I was supposed to hit up an event, but the day got me tapped. All good. I’m at 20% on the phone and probably 45–50% on the mental, so I’ll make this quick.


…yeah, I fell asleep…and my battery is still low. Hmm.

I just finished going through Twitter and seeing all of the bullshit slander folks are dishing out about the annual Roc Nation Brunch. I haven’t did much research on what the Roc Nation entails, but from looking at the excellent pictures and being that the Grammys season is here, I’ve came to the conclusion that this elite event is for the celebration of (black) culture. To go further, Jay Z is setting a presence for (black) culture. ‘Remarkable’ is not the word for this. To you English nerds, give me a word that explains this situation greater than remarkable. When thinking of the word, add that Kevin Hart, Nipsey Hussle (who’s nominated for a Grammy), Diddy, 9th Wonder and many excelled artists were there. (Black) cultural excellence.

This is one of the many thoughts and progressions I had when creating and releasing my first studio album 10 years ago (February 9th, 2009). I wanted this album to be a statement to the Duval Hip Hop community. I wanted this album to be a part of history. I wanted this album to show that the culture, THEN show myself, that we had what it took to be highlighted with the likes of. I wanted this album to be my mental and emotional release. I wanted this album to make my friends, family and associates proud of me. I wanted this album to start constructive conversations about the state that we’re STILL in…and that no one has stood up to face. I wanted this album to win a Grammy, or better yet, a Duval Diamond (yeah…I had that dream before *shrugs and sighs*). I wanted this album to bring my current love life, at the time, closer (it did the complete opposite). I wanted this album to be the ALL.

Before I drift off and end this blog due to the mental capacity it’s having on me, I want to send major thank you’s to Amy ‘Amo’ Bradley. She’s part of the reason why this album was created. We had first met through my cousin (peace to Ben…and even my brother Adrian, aka, Whiskey Pete, for believing in me too) and we hit it off well. Fast forward, rapping became the topic. She was managing a local group and it ended up with her basically managing me. It all ended (or started) with her saying that we should set a regular date with DX (the engineer over the album) and record some songs. I want to say that next week, we were in the studio. If this conversation was not had, we wouldn’t be ‘talking about it’ now. Thank you Amo. I love you beyond words.

To go back to the ‘I wanted this album to…’ mode, this album has done some things. It has put me in some notable positions and elevated myself to some great heights. Everything that I do now has been created from the force of ‘Talk About It’. Everything…from Fly Socks and Tees, The Groove Suite, my acting and promoter lane…all of that…built from ‘Talk About It’. That’s a living fact. Did I want more from it…of course…but for (Al) Pete’s Sake, we’ll spend the duration of this blog on the good that it has brought.


Maybe I’ll do some small reflections during the month. It’s a lot I could share about this album, but the factor of what I wanted it to do was the heaviest in my head. Seeing the stupid down talk of The Roc Nation brunch made me think of how these situations halt us…to this day. I would LOVE to do a dinner, or a brunch, and the like minded folks from Duval and surrounding area could come together and it be a blast. ‘Talk About’ culture building. One day. I do have another 10 year album coming up this year (G3.0) and my 40th.

…again, one day. We rocking though…still. Happy Anniversary TAI!