Mister Peterson’s Neighborhood: Clear Visions: Let The Leaves Fall…

Photo credits to Cheryl McCain.

…I’m currently removing my recent profile pictures. That shit is pointless as hell right now. I mean…it did good but I couldn’t tell you what’s good with DeJuan or Jade. They don’t call. I don’t call. With my blood (DeJuan), I’m over him thinking he has the answers and the pointless ass arguments so it’s a sad choice to separate myself from him until he gets it…then he can holla back. With Jade…I mean…it would be nice for a phone call to simply say ‘hey’. Y’all might say ‘that’s how kids are’. I say ‘I was a kid too…and I had to learn’. Go(o)d luck to them.

So yeah…the ‘Black Fathers Matter’ was a bust in a sense. The folks that I thought it would affect…it didn’t. Granted, it did absolutely great elsewhere but my own babies didn’t acknowledge it…and especially not their self centered mothers. Oh well…down goes the picture and up on this one (I’m plotting a photo shoot soon but for now…).

It’s autumn time y’all. I love this season. It’s my ‘new year’ season. The vibe…the colors…the mental state…the activities of the season…my dress code…all of that and more is in effect come September to November. The Groove Suite podcast is a main focus. A new mix show for 92.7 The Beat is in the works (I have no clue how I’m gonna make it happen but it will get done…releasing after Labor Day). I’ve been recording for my (last full emcee mode) album: Mister Peterson’s Neighborhood. DJing is good. I’m gearing up for the fall and winter to be just as great as spring and summer. So with that…changing of the profile picture and the sneakers.

Maybe the ‘Black Fathers Matter’ will surface again but hell. Thanks to a ‘campaign’ that fell and hasn’t been brought up again…I’ve just decided to move how I want to and if folks dig and get involved…then so be it. I’m not going to shoot for any attentions anymore (adidas, V101.5, etc.)…I’ll just DO. I’m to a point where I don’t wanna deal with rules and general structure. Shit is played…and I played it for a long time. When I do my stuff, it’s no structure…no rules…we just DO. I love that and I wanna exercise it more with myself and my peoples (Whaddup Sosha, MJ, Cheryl, Will).

  • Sept. 24th…’The Cool: An Introduction’. A joint venture with the brother Odd Rod. More info soon.
  • More work with DJ 151 and Chris Slade.
  • Trü.ski is close now. No excuses. I gotta get back close with Notsucal. Work is involved.
  • …a bunch of other cool things I wanna do.

P.S. I love and miss my kids but shit. 1. They’re ‘grown’ and they know better and they got the answers. I’ve taught them well. 2. Ain’t no 2.

I feel fed up but with this nonchalant approach to it. Guess that’s how folks feel when they’re like…fed up with things. I’m just trying to not fall into the ‘fuck it all’ mode. I’ve been in that mode slightly and let me tell y’all…it feels ok to be free with your spirits but man…my bank account consists of over drinking and crab legs *laughs*. Mental change man…but it feels really good doing whatever the hell you wanna do. *flips leaf*


Quick plug for next month’s schedule. Hope to see y’all out. Dig.

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