Mister Peterson’s Neighborhood: Clear Visions: MMC4263 The Demise of Tower Records paper

Good day/evening my people. Hope your holidays brought some relaxation, love and rest! It’s 2019 and the world is filled with fresh innovative thoughts (as it should be).

As promised, I will be posting my previous semester work. First up: my paper on Tower Records. For this project, we had to select a Media 2.0 artist (or company or product) and explained how they survived and/or grew with the help of the Internet. Being that everyone was going to select either Soulja Boy, Sean Mendes (insider…ooooohhhhh…!!!) or The Kardashians, I had to think deeper. I decide to speak on Tower Records, a multi-million independent company that focused on selling music…from records to CDs…that was defeated partly by Media 2.0 (to get the definition of Media 2.0, reference my school episode of The Groove Suite below). Thanks to Professor Rhodes for the approval.

If you have not seen the ‘All Things Must Pass’ documentary, check it out. It is a dope watch and a remarkable story about the rise and demise of the company. To whoever reads…hope you enjoy. I will post my other work, and my album talk, soon. Be great.