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Good day or evening folks. It’s been some ticks and tocks since I’ve been on here. I’ve been trying to prioritize what I post…on all of my socials (last week…Facebook and Twitter got the Pete that everyone loves to see: the cynical, I’m mad all the time Pete) so I haven’t had much to speak on that’s uplifting or rewarding. I need to do an audio Clear Visions at some point.

To start with explaining the title, New (Out)Letter. I try to be clever when naming these and make it relative to the story. Uh oh…PSA…

…the soundtrack while writing this on lunch…

…back story. I had a meeting with my manager some months ago…beginning of the year flow. It was one of the meetings that focuses on you and your goals vs. the ones where the manager tells you where they see you. In these meetings, you basically tell your manager where you see yourself in some months and other things you can respectfully get off of your chest. Earlier this year, and now to an extent, I was on a ‘I don’t care, let’s take chances’ tip. With that, I went in my meeting to tell my manager how I felt about my current job and what I really wanted to do. Nervous? Of course. Brave? Felt good to be such.

Intro to August newsletter, written by the Ops Manager Randy Falk. He does all of the introductions. His agreement to doing these are the best.

I informed him that I would like to be on the ‘communications’ side of things, being I’m such the marvelous communicator *laughs*. He advised me to get on the Spirit Team (…eh)…or even start up a newsletter in our department. Light bulb comes on…on a dim tip…but I see where it can go.

Fast forward…months went by…got some approvals…August was the first edition. Nervous to release it? Absolutely. Relieved to have ‘accomplished’ something in an area I wasn’t much fond of? Precise. It felt good to ‘find good within the bad’…read between the lines. I pulled a rose from the dirt…well…my manager cut the light on for me to see that rose. Dope flow.

September edition.

Next up…September edition. I gained a helper (hey Christy…and thank you). To go back some, the newsletter consists of an employee spotlight, birthdays, fun facts, a quote, metrics and other small things that don’t feel like work but it’s work related. Christy sparked some fun into it. She calls me the Champ but we’re both champs!

October edition. We have another 2 dope ladies help on the newsletter (hey Charise and Laverne…thank y’all). They’re giving their additions to the newsletter and taking a load off of me. It makes it easier to write up things, play creative directors and have more ideas for the upcoming joints (I see why folks buy web design packages that already have simple templates…trying to find a transparent ornament or a Georgia Bulldog is a task). This edition is when it was a massive amount of employees giving praises to me and the team. Lovely feeling. We’ve received love from the past 2 but this one was received well. It was, of course, full of Florida vs. Georgia logos and colors. Halloween definitely. *bat flies around*

October edition wrap up.

November/December edition. Turkey Day through me off and I was, admittedly, busy all month. Gigs after gigs after gigs *knocks on wood*…so when I got to a quiet spot, the newsletter should have been done. All good…I’ve been wanting to release the newsletter at the beginning of the month but I began releasing them at the end of the month. Cool…but most publications are released at the beginning of the month, to give your audience a sense of what to look forward to in the upcoming month vs. giving them a recap of the month.

Most people, at the end of the month, are zombies and just want to pay rent and do the routine again. The employees at work rocked with it releasing at the end of the month. I’m sure because it was something new coming out that they didn’t care. They just love the fresh air. I wanted to set a standard and be professional as possible so with the sparked help of Charise, we did the merging of November and December. January edition will be released on schedule. Might I add that all of this is getting approved by the ops managers at an easy pace. Heaven y’all. Be creative and still be able to ‘work’…? Thank goodness I took that opportunity.

November/December edition.

It’s almost time to clock back in but I wanted to share that with y’all. 4 months in and it’s been a great go. It’s a few communication jobs I’ve been eyeing and applying for so prayerfully, these newsletters will give me that outlet. I informed the team to input this on their resumes (I surely did: Editor-in-Chief). I have a big (to me) story to write for Void Magazine that’ll be in the next issue. I’ve already been given some ideas for Florida Blue January newsletter so it’s doing good. In the final writing stages with the album and gearing up for a play in January…feels good to be around words and creativity more. Even with being the frontman of the newsletter, it doesn’t feel like work. It’s fun and easy. Especially when you got good folks behind it. I dig it all. More to come.

Link to small video of the newsletter:

I pray this takes me somewhere. It’ll be a victory of my own to add to my history book…and maybe to a public history book. TO THE TOP talk…

P.S. I’m sure the title of this makes sense now. If not, I’ll explain it to you *winks*…live great everyone.


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