Mister Peterson’s Neighborhood: Clear Visions: ‘Out the garden I go’

(Pictured: Month 3 of the loc…guess I need to blog about this journey. Quick mentions: I’ve got use with the itching and I’m in ‘who cares how it looks’ mode. The first 2 months…I was kinda worried but I’ve embraced it. I dig it.)

#nowplaying Abstract Radio on Beats 1: J. Period (flames I tell you)

Good day/evening neighbors. Hope y’all been rocking right. Who me? All is easy. The storm came through Duval and did some numbers…blessings to all who still don’t have power and were affected.

So during my downtime, I did A LOT OF WORK:

  • …recorded a song (I recorded myself…its difficult to do that yall…I love going to the studio and doing it but…folks work ethic SUCK in Duval so you have to do it on your own…*digresses*)
  • …did 3 mixes (I submitted to be a feature DJ in Suwannee Hulaween event in Live Oak, Florida…please vote below). The other 2 will be running on www.927thebeat.com (blog on that soon) on Cubicle Music Mondays that run online at 9am, noon, and 5pm. These mixes I did just because I had time to do them during the storm. Link below…
  • …did A LOT of reading and thinking. I even watched some good shows on Netflix (PLEASE watch 13th and Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon. Awesome views). I call this section ‘seed planting’. Here we go on that talk…

By the time Saturday came (been in the house since Thursday…today is the first day out of my cave)…I was like ‘man I did all of these mixes for nothing…ain’t shit gonna pop off them’. Looking back now, I blame the ‘cabin fever’ and the ‘Duval stigma’. I had to quickly switch thoughts and think:

  • When you plant a seed Wayne, it doesn’t grow instantly. You have to pay attention to the TYPE of seed you planted. Is it going to be meant for outside or inside growth? Does it need special lighting or standard lighting? What effects will it have if it’s in the house or around folks? Etc.
  • You can do whatever you want Wayne. Do it and know that you set the tone in any and all that you do…so you can’t expect a fast return off something you created. You did it with DeJuan, with GrownFolk, with all of your albums, with MPN, etc. Cool some Wayne.

So we rocking again.

Upcoming things are all on www.mralpete.com. Make sure you subscribe and get the updates daily. Here are some other things below:

Vote for ME to perform a DJ set at Suwannee Hulaween event @HulaweenFL 10.28–30.16! Suwannee Jackson Mixx! Click link to listen and VOTE:

Performances by Brentwood Slim, Tommy Bridgewater & Felicia Nicole. More info soon. Until then: check out episode 12 w/ Eric Roberson and DMo! here:

…blog explaining this soon…but listen to it!

…I’ll be spinning.

…of course!

…and more to come.

I got some things in the sleeve that I pulled out (think water for my seeds)…so it’ll be spoken on soon. I just pray these seeds grow and put me and my neighbors in better spots. Lord have.

More later. Go seeds GO!!


P.S. Rest in good peace Orain Benjamin Reddick. We still putting on… #WEALLWEGOT