Mister Peterson’s Neighborhood: Clear Visions: ‘Underrated (Like A Mug)’

…I’ve heard this word a lot over the weekend…and just in general. It was spoken respectfully and I’m honored it was stated in them regards. It has me (over) thinking things though…hence this blog. *sigh*…

Disclaimer: I don’t need any ‘pat on the back’ or coaching moments…I’m merely speaking my thoughts. Plus, it might be some of everywhere but you’ll get it.

I don’t know if being underrated is a good or bad thing. I spoke on this lightly to a person and I mentioned that maybe I’m underrated so I can be protective from something…?? *shrugs*. I don’t think that’s the case though. I don’t wanna think that folks don’t wanna help me or see me succeed but lately, that has been clearer than the May skies at the beach. Maybe I need to sow more seeds to get me over that ‘we completely rock with him’ tip…but…if I keep helping folks, how and when will I have time to focus on getting me out of the underrated stages? Mind you, I’ve been DJing for over 10 years and at the prime of my (local) djing, I was underrated…so why now, am I STILL underrated?? Note: I’ve consider the sources that have said this. They’re solid sources.

When it was mentioned to me that I was underrated this weekend, these sources said it in the manner that they’ll attempt to help me NOT be underrated. Honored. Without a doubt. I still be thinking I need to be on a bigger scale though. Like…doing more premium things. I don’t know man.

Maybe I’m underrated because I allow a lot of things to happen. Folks truly use my greatness to their advantage (yeah I said it…greatness). It took me 37 years for me to realize how fucking dope I am. I let folks live! I employ folks. I add value to folks dreams…with no attachments. I love very hard (despite what my bum ex’s and lady interests and even my son say). I champion folks. I’m selfless. Again. Selfless. I don’t have it ALL together but the pieces I got are in place. I’m a handsome guy. Hell I greet folks ‘good morning’ before I start talking about myself! I’m a lot of other things…shouldn’t that grant me a status outside of being underrated…or even just getting paid my coins when I rock a house party…knowing I would do the same thing at a big venue that I’m overdue to do but probably won’t do it because folks envy my growth and I’m still asking for help…??

My life is weary. My bones hurt *laughs*.

Listen…I respect and honor greatly my status with my music moves. Trust I do…but who doesn’t wanna move from ramen noodles to blackened chicken to a steak? That’s the progress right? Now…I’m all about going out and making your lane and setting your destiny but how much of that can you do before someone of substance comes and gives you that plug…or in simple terms…a chance…and opportunity. This all plays back to my initial feelings on my life period. More so with this music stuff.

If someone truly believed in you, they will, at some point, show a selfless act and help you go further to succeed. Whether it’s a referral, a retweet, and phone call before a show, etc., displaying that act speaks highly of you to that person and to others. In return, blessings and favor is stored…on both ends.

-Mr. Al Pete

The Northwest and Florida Classic AND random folks just talking and trying to give suggestions to me got me heavy in this mind state. Trust me, I’m working to get out of it…and let me make this clear: I would love to do some major work and I’m not trying to settle for ‘home’…but I can be traveling the world and not be underrated and would want to be considered to be a part of something like The Northwest and Florida Classic…because I have ties to it all…and I’m dope. Period. So don’t think i just wanna settle for Classics. The mission is bigger…but I still wanna be great at home. Also, I don’t listen to everyone. I consider the source a lot…and some of these sources are SO SELFISH…but I am human and I can’t turn off my ears to everything, meaning folks just talk and you’re just there. I filter flow it though.

I don’t know. Again…my bones hurt *laughs*.

I need to do this corporate work. I’m going to work on continuing to be the best rapper/DJ in yall subdivisions *laughs*! Seriously though, maybe someone major will see me putting myself in these situations to be seen and heard and maybe then, I can get that chance.

Speaking of chance…I’m a puppy owner (again). His name is Chance Cooper Peterson. He was an abandoned puppy…and was given a second chance…hence the name.

How fitting.