Mister Peterson’s Neighborhood: Story Corps tales…

Good evening.

I ran across this video while scanning a Facebook group I was included in called ‘Black Fathers’. I scrolled and first see my ‘Black Fathers Matter’ picture posted. 390 likes, 30 shares, 20 something comments…within 5 hours. That’s pretty cool…and all of the comments were dope…ranging from ‘where can I get this’ to ‘this is awesome’. I’m thankful the shirt is still effective.

Then I ran across this video ‘A Family Man’. I could tell by the animation that it was a Story Corps joint. To double back, I had to complete an assignment for English 2 off of one of these joints and I’ve been lightly following it since. So I checked it…and of course, it’s dope. Check it folks.

Happy Father’s Day in advance to all the fathers and folks perfecting the role. Someone notices you and are thankful of you. Dig.

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