Apple is dying — but there’s a way to save it
Tom Brammar

Great article. Shows the sentiments of “consumer thinking” at it’s finest. You’re right about Cook not being a visionary but wrong that the company is in fact dying and totally wrong Elon Musk would even consider being part of Apple.

As a consumer or investor, you don’t really know what Apple is working on or cooking up and financially, they’re performing just fine so why bother revolutionizing the iPhone — again? Their strategy has never been to re-revolutionize something that already works well but rather build brand new platforms. They create markets — not participate in them and though they haven’t created something revolutionary in some time, it’s not practical to assume they should.

With every large win for Apple, consumer expectations have multiplied. 1997 Apple released the iconic jelly iMac, 10 years later the first iPhone and 10 years after that, in 2017 — Apple still remains one of the best selling in PC’s and smartphones. A 20 year track of a company delivering mind-blowingly innovative, unique, exciting consumer products is unheard of — a year or 3 of stagnation is completely logical and normal.

Elon Musk’s main priority with all of his investments has been bettering man-kind with a more sustainable planet or in the extreme case, leaving the planet altogether, with SpaceX. He’s stated this a number of times. I don’t see how joining a consumer electronics company would be attractive to Elon Musk whatsoever.

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