I hate when people call use the term hillbilly as a euphemism for racist or the ignorant.
Yamikura Koori

Agreed, Yamikura Koori. Using “hillbilly” as a euphemism for racism and ignorance is in and of itself, well, ignorant. One commentator suggested calling hillbilly the “h-” word because of it’s connotations of cultural negativity (much like we would use the term the “f-” word to suggest its negativity). There is a school of thought that says that “redneck” can be an appropriate term, as it has a cultural significance (striking miners wore red bandannas around their necks in the labor disputes of the 1920s to show solidarity for labor rights; also, many agricultural and lumber workers would have a sun-burned back of the neck from spending long hours outdoors). But, that’s a whole other discussion (read: debate) for another time. Thanks for reading my piece! I hope you’ll read more, and I hope to see work from you.