All Hallows Eve

A special collection of Halloween related stories and poems — plus a brand new story just in time for the holiday!

Just in time for Halloween, I’ve brought together a collection of my holiday related works of poetry and prose. These works have been shared previously with you fine folks here on Medium, but you may have missed a few. If so, never fear, they are all bundled like a fine present right here for you’uns.

In addition to my old tricks (yes, corny cliches abound herein) I also share with you — get ready for it — a new Halloween treat (ha! see how I did that so predictably!) in the form of a brand new holiday story. So why don’t ya’ll grab yourselves a pumpkin spice latte, or maybe a hot cider, or whatever other drink (virgin or not) you like, and spend some time divulging in some of my tales. Oh, and maybe give me some green (or whatever it appears) love if you like what you read?


Fresh off the press just in time for the holiday