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Brian, thanks for reading my piece, and taking the time to write such a well thought response. The world, it seems, is very small — I actually wrote about a small Lincoln county town just the other day. (I believe you may have already seen it.) I’ve also been out Wayne many a times, too, though my family — who on the paternal side were here long before West Virginia became a state — took root in Lewis county. I also have some connections to Preston county, as well, and to the southern coalfields.

I thank you for your comments. And actually, to your point, the “them” I was referencing was not necessarily an individual — or even individuals — but rather institutions, like the media, or entertainment — similar, though perhaps not exactly the same, to the emergent property of which you speak. If I were to revise the piece, I would probably make this point more clear. It seems to have caused some unfortunate confusion that on second read, I can understand.

You mention small scale agriculture. I see the merits in this as well. I hope the trend (which is already taking hold in some parts of the state) continues to rise.

Thanks for offering me — and anyone who may read this comment — food for thought, and for continuing the conversation. Oh, and nice piece on the recent overdose incident in Huntington — I would encourage other readers to check your piece out. That issue is one of a national scope, and we as a society must do something about it.

Thanks again for taking the time to read. I hope you’ll continue to have a look at my pieces, and I hope to read more from you soon.

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