Thank you, Michael. I will keep listening to you.
Laurna Tallman

Fascinating, Laurna Tallman! Since my sister and my paternal grandmother were born with epilepsy, I have always been fascinated with neurology (that is, how the brain works) and psychology (how the brain influences the psyche) but I never knew the auditory bearings on both. I have read various articles that have spoken of the merits of music therapy, specifically surrounding illnesses like PTSD. So the information you present is very interesting, and indeed worthy of more research. I will definitely read more on what you’ve discussed. Thank you for presenting that information to me!

I am always happy to listen to you, or anyone who has something to say, for that matter. I may not be skilled in many things — but listening is a skill that I have mastered!

Thank you again! Please do stay in touch. I look forward to reading more from you.