That image you posted is not of a PawPaw. It looks more like a Custard Apple.
Rev. Fred Denial

Hey, thanks for reading, Rev. Fred Denial! You’re right, that’s what is also referred to as a paw-paw in some parts of the world (though here, we call them things you have in your picture a “papaya.”)

But if you come to Appalachia, and you ask for a paw paw, we’re gonna take you to one of them trees outside our house, point up and say, “There you’uns go.” And we’re right, too. ’Cause what I showed in my pic is a paw paw in our vernacular.

And to be clear: Custard Apples are slightly different — although somewhat similar — to our paw paw. (Refer to the link I include in my piece, if you like.) Ours is more banana-custard like.

Just schooling you on my cultural nuances, dear young’un. Not trying to get fresh. Hope you’ll keep reading and learning about my little part of the world. I do appreciate you taking a look at my work!

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