Gail Boenning

I face this self-doubt daily, Gail. Especially in the midst of such great creatives as those on this platform. My writing is nothing compared to some on here. But since we’re on a confessional bent, I too have one to share. And this is being 100% honest. I think you are a truly, fantastically awesome writer. That’s why — daily — I search for your work. And that of a few others. (Another confession: your few day writing absence awhile back had me concerned. I was honestly bummed. I missed your words.)

Please never compare your work to others. You are the amazing creative force behind Gail Boenning, writer. Only compare your work today with what you produced yesterday. That’s the only writer whose work you need to compete against. I hope to one day be half the word smith you are. Truly.

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