A nice story that reflects the truth of how this so-called progressive society is allegedly for…
Iolande Vitt Argent

Iolande Vitt Argent — you speak such truth in your words! I found myself shaking my head in agreement to your piece. “Stereotyping doesn’t just strip you of your culture; eventually it will strip you of the ability to feel.” I felt you saying that. Your words ring so true. Many do not understand that diversity that exists even in these sparsely populated hills. And your points on race, sex — yes, it makes the stereotypes doubly worse.

I feel such kinship with you just knowing your family is from the area. May I ask what part of West Virginia your dad is from, if you don’t mind saying? West Virginia is where I was born and raised — and I wouldn’t live anywhere else, I don’t think.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my piece. I hope you will read some of my others, and I look forward to reading some of yours. Thank you, again!

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