Photo: Me (She “helped” to make the corn husk doll.)

Tiny True Tales

On Being A Hillbilly

You are: an unending, heartfelt ballad; elegant pottery molded from coal-speckled clay. A diamond, still in the making; a firefly twinkling in hillside hay.

You are: the perfect stitch that binds mamaw’s patchworks; a flowing creek made of papaw’s fiddled tears. A blooming dogwood in mama’s springtime dreams; an infinite line cast to snatch daddy’s fears.

You are: wrought by generations of determination, forged with the power to be. So remember, then, the blessings of your people — Montani Semper Liberi.

For hillbillies are always free.

— For Celina. May she always know “hillbilly’s” sweetness, and never its sting.

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