The word “stereotype” is just a way for to demonize the law of probabilities, which is sometimes…

Thanks for reading my piece, and for responding, ewrxroads. I think, though, we agree on one thing: your theory of stereotypes demonizing the law of probabilities is the same concept as when the teacher defines it as, “Taking tidbits of truth and twisting them into some storied, fictitious narrative.” My point that stereotyping, as you note in your response, “is ignorant, pernicious or as you put it, ‘stupid,’” may have been misunderstood. My point was that stereotyping based on things you’ve seen in the media , entertainment, etc.— and not directly encountered — is blatantly stupid; if I were to think that all Texans were cowboys clashing with Natives based on my observation from movies — well, that’s stupid too. As for what Appalachian children are being taught — I am sorry that you do not believe me. But then, I am not requiring you to believe me, no more than you are requiring me to believe anything you say. Believe what you wish — but respectfully, I’ve lived it. So it will always be my truth.

Thanks for adding your voice to the conversation. I appreciate you reading my piece, and taking the time to comment.

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