So then Michael, your mastery of descriptive prose has always been a part of you?
Gail Boenning

That made me smile. :) Actually, this was written at 5:30am this morning — ha! I wrote it from the perspective of younger me, as I have most of my coming of age pieces (like the ones I shared at the bottom of the article).

As for Love — it’s funny you should mention her voice. :) This was my Facebook status from earlier this month:

So, if I had to describe her voice, in the vain of my previous writing, it would go like this:

Then, there is Love’s voice. Soft and tender, full of merriment and cheer, sparkle and wonder, the rise and fall of a horse and carriage on a summertime festival’s Merry-Go-Round. When she speaks, the words cascade off her tongue like water moving briskly over a sparkling waterfall, each syllable dropping like stray water onto attentive ears. Love is wuv and you is yoo. Her voice is a reflection of her inner perfectness, an outward proclamation of her soft spirit.

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