The Girl on the Second Floor

Based on a true story

TALA, Weston, W.Va. Photo: rpavich via flickr

The girl on the second floor is quiet, but she loves to play. She loves to roll a ball, back and forth, sometimes to you, sometimes to no one in particular. She likes the big blue ball, the one filled with air, but she’ll play with the heavy red one sometimes, too. The girl on the second floor loves her music box as well. It has a dancing ballerina on top, which twirls about while the music cascades through the air. She loves to play it, over and over, its melody echoing off quiet walls.

Sometimes, the girl on the second floor gets lonely. Sometimes when she’s lonely, she’ll walk up to you and tug at your shirt to get your attention. Sometimes you will ignore her, and the girl will go back and sit sadly by the window. Sometimes you will pay her attention, and you’ll talk to her, and it will make her feel better. Sometimes, when she’s wanting to talk, she’ll play a game of spotlight, turning the lights on and off and on again as if she’s saying yes or no in the language of illumination.

One time, a woman left the girl on the second floor a gift. It was a big brown Teddy Bear, soft and warm and just the right size. Sometimes you will see the teddy laying here, and other times you will see it laying there, and you know it’s the girl on the second floor who has moved it in her leisure because she’s the only one who’s been on this floor in hours.

The girl on the second floor — her head and her heart hurts. Sometimes, the pain in her head and heart makes her cry, a great big avalanche of tears falling down her cheek. Sometimes you can feel the tears slide over your skin as they fall from her tender face, little drops of sadness that come from nowhere. Other times the pain in her head and heart makes her just lay there, and not move, quiet as a little church mouse. Those times, she’ll just stare at the walls, unable and unwilling to play or talk to anyone.

The girl on the second floor, her name is Lily — but, you see, Lily shouldn’t be there; she’s been dead for years.

“The Girl on the Second Floor” is based on the ghostly entity known as Lily, who is thought to reside at the former Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum (TALA) in Weston, W.Va. Lily was highlighted in the 2009 Halloween special live broadcast of Ghost Adventures. For more information on Lily or TALA, visit this link or visit the Trans Allegheny’s main website.