Great write on the flip side of the subject…that said WE ALL stereotype, label, badge an box people…
Freya J

Those are good points, Freya. Though I am no psychologist, I think you are probably correct in saying that we humans seterotype to try and make order of our understanding of the world. And you are also correct in saying that stereotypes may have elements of truth to them — there are a lot of whites in Appalachia. Some are poor. Etc. What is dangerous, though, and what has literally begun the destruction of my culture is when those stereotypes — perpetuated through media, entertainment and pop culture — become the basis for thinking that’s how it is on the whole. That leads to misnomers, which lead to systematically trying to eradicate the “bad” to appear more “intelligent”, etc. Anyway, I am beating a dead horse repeating myself, and probably becoming a bore to you ha! So I will leave it at that and say thank you again for contributing to this conversation. You make very good points!