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Your food memories, food fiction and food poetry wanted

Third Course, a new food-focused publication on Medium developed by yours truly, is now seeking contributions from other writers on Medium! Currently, we’re looking for essays/creative nonfiction on food memories as well as fictional food pieces — including poetry and flash fiction, among other forms of this genre.

Have a favorite family recipe that brings back a flood of nostalgia? We want to hear about it! Can you remember a kitchen mishap that still makes you (or others) laugh out loud? Fill us in on the details! Have an ode to your favorite ingredient brewing in your poetic heart? Please…

The science behind food memories reveals why we remember in the first place

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ICOME FROM A FAMILY OF EATERS. Not the typical you-need-to-eat-for-sustenance variety of eaters, though sustenance — “Did you get enough? Eat more or you’ll be hungry later!” — was always reason enough to eat. My family is more of the eat-to-celebrate-your-very-existence variety. We’ll eat for any occasion, large and small, or no occasion at all.

It should come as no surprise, then, that I harbor some very strong food memories.

One such memory stems from very early in my childhood. In this memory, I am sitting on my grandmother’s table, my toddler legs dangling over the counter’s edge, my small…

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A Response to the Haiku This! Prompt “Roots

warbler builds her nest
on the bough of sturdy oak
lest the wind topple

this she understands:
her young may yearn yonder pine
but oak will root them

Michael Ramsburg

8th generation Appalachian. Proud West Virginian. Words. Visuals. Audio. Code. More:

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