I should be the last one to write something about kids as i absolutely hate them. Those little selfish creatures who thrive on the constant attention from you. I mean i just don’t understand why you need to have kids.

And please don’t start with the shitty arguments like it makes the marriage stronger (if your marriage depends on a kid to be saved you already failed) or you need someone to continue the family lineage, let me tell you no one gives a shit about your family lineage(like no one).

So why do people have kids ??????

Sad part is most of the parents have kids without even thinking about this question. The usual answers i got after talking to a bunch of them are:

  • we are about to cross optimum age of having kids so lets have them.
  • some are forced by their parents/grandparent(replace it with oldies in your life), so they can show it as trophy to their friends which will in turn force their children to have kids( vicious circle)
  • pressure from society/peers as you are constantly bombarded with fb pics, instagrams or vines of friends babies, constantly reminding you how cute babies are (get yourself a pug if want something cute)
  • As a parent its your responsibility to think about the above question before incrementing the headcount of this earth, there is already 7 billion of us and counting so slow the fuck down.

If you are still reading you can argue why is it important to ask such questions. Its important to ask such question because its very difficult to raise kids and you will have this thought afterwards which will lead to regret, anxiety, depression. You have to put your life on hold after kids, for everything from a 1 hour outing to a local bar to long weekend trip to some exotic locations you have to think about your kids first. And you can’t blame the little devils for that as the decision to bring them in this world was yours.

So don’t let the stupidity of this world convince you that you need to have kids for some random reason. Please give it a serious thought before having a kid since its a commitment of life time, and this commitment is even bigger then what you had with your partner as there is no exit option.