How much standard is ‘Facebook Community Standards’?

Facebook Community is a forum type of help section by Facebook. Users can ask any help in here and anyone can post related answers. Even Facebook officials replied sometimes. So basically it’s a great place for asking help related to Facebook and its issues. It is informative and collaborative platform for sure.

I don’t want to make this post broad and seriously I want to get some attention of Facebook authorities. Recently I found that Facebook doesn’t reviewing a report wisely or not taking a report seriously. Let me tell you guys why I am saying something like that.

Opening a Facebook Page is easier than opening a Facebook ID. People are taking advantages of that. They are creating Bank, Brand, Community, Organization, Celebrity, Shopping, Business etc pages and running them successfully. But in the meantime, few bad people also came in the field. Recently Cyberbullying over Facebook is increased in Bangladesh so much. They are creating and opening Facebook Pages to bully Bangladeshi Boys and Girls. They are doing Cyberbullying, Cyber harassment, Cyber defaming and all the things possible to ruins someone’s life. They trolling about all types of people and thinks that they are doing good for the society. Even I was bullied by few pages in last 4 months. I complained Facebook but it’s not worked.

There is a lot of Facebook pages in Bangladesh who is trying to spread cyber bullying and sexually explicit contents to the young generation of Bangladesh. After watching this when we report, Facebook never found any explicit things. Cause all the contents are in Bengali. I reported a lot of Pages but Facebook Community Standard thing gave me a bound. I work for a foundation named Justice for Women, Bangladesh — JFWBD, where we get a lot of request from those people who are bullied openly on Facebook pages but after the normal Facebook report, Facebook never found any problem on those pages because of its Bengali content.

This page keeps continuously threats people says them to take that post down. They sometimes ask money for post deletion. They steal contents (photo/video/snapshots) from victim’s time lines. Most of the bullied person’s are female and this page are bullying every single victims in front of around 1000K Facebook likes from their different Pages. Sometimes they are sharing semi-nude photo’s and also victims personal photos without their permissions.

The real shameful thing for me was, that page bullied me with my image (my own image/photo/picture) where my face is clearly visible. I reported about that post several times to take it down but Facebook Community Standard ignored my report. My photo is used by some other pages and I even can not remove it after reporting. Seriously? As far as I know, Using my photo’s without taking my permission is not legal! Where they are bullying people, harassing them, ruining life and future. The main problem is that, most of this page owners are not much literate and they post’s all the post in Bengali. And after report Facebook Report or Support section cancels the report because they do not have anyone who understands Bengali. If I am wrong and if you say that, “No, We have someone who understands Bengali” — then why this pages still alive? Not disabled. Where we are talking about gender equality, in this page they are bullying girls brutally. Even few victim attempted to suicide.

Please do me a favour if you know any person from Facebook who is looking after Facebook Support, please tag him with me or let me know the way to contact them. We need a solution now before a massive destruction. I am ready to work as a volunteer. But this problem needs a solution. If you need anything from my side let me know. I created a list of pages who are really not doing anything good for our society but destroying or ruining by Cyberbullying, Cyber harassment, Cyber defaming and etc. I am really fed up with Facebook Community Standard thing. Cause for pages it’s directly not working.

Please help me to reach this post to Facebook Community Standard and Facebook Support Team. I guess they will help us. Contact me — armantring[at]gmail[dot]com

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