Five Things Old Programmers Should Remember
Gary Wisniewski

Lots to think about here, Gary, and thanks for the encouragement. I started programming professionally in 1973 for a Fortune 500 company at the age of 20. It has been a long journey with the last 35 years teaching all manner of Computer Science at the community college level. Programming is still the the place where I find peace among the chaos of life when it is just the machine and I. The language doesn’t matter and there have been lots of them. Learning new ones is a delight. The years have brought me the gift of perspective and the joy of seeing new programmers find their passion. The old knowledge is oddly useful (I didn’t expect it to be this long) when I think back to my first language - assembly and the great foundation it gave me. Frameworks and the rest will come and go but there is great comfort in knowing I can program anything you throw at me. The best part is the journey and the challenge. Keep it coming.