Room 2154

Room 2154, Rayburn House Office Building, Washington D.C., April 1995

You all were sitting their,

In the comfortable, wooden, chairs.

New, wool, carpet.

Still with that new item smell.

Glass of fresh water, sitting at your spot.

Sweating like it had something to hide.

This is where thousands were affected.

Thousands of decisions made here before,

But none will affect more than this one.

Because of their mistakes.

Sounds of people debating, to see if the facts were true.

Look at all the evidence is all that you truly had to do.

The sound of air conditions blasted through the air.

You all best be comfortable.

Lives were counting on you.

What chair where you sitting in when you said the evidence was wrong?

Was it in the center of the room?

Like how this disease the center of your victims lives?

Or were you off on the side?

So that way, when the evidence was true, you could manage to hide.

Now because of this mistake, the blood is on your hands.

Their blood is contaminated.

Just because you rejected the evidence.

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