Things Not Seen

With so many different forms of advertising, there is a need for products to stand out. With the Infiniti advertisement, the creators are using the “need to satisfy curiosity” to catch the attention of consumers. The advertisement shows a blurry picture of what seems to be Los Angeles from a highway, implying that the consumer is in a car. At the top of the advertisement, it states convention has been warned, which means that everyone has been warned about the coming of this product, and now it is finally here. There is also a brief description of the QX30, but not enough for a consumer to get the whole idea of the car. The sellers do not even need to show their product for it to leave a mark in the consumer’s mind. With other kinds of cars being made every day, Infiniti uses the appeal, need to satisfy curiosity, as one of the best ways to sell their product. With the need to satisfy curiosity, consumers will have to do the work to get an idea of the product and then will be stuck in their head.

The advertising appeal the sellers are trying to use is need to satisfy curiosity. The sellers are not showing the product in the hopes that consumers will go out and seek out. The sellers do not even need to show the product to the seller, but it is still a successful advertisement. The product will get in the consumer’s head and keep nagging them until they finally need to look up what the product looks like. Need to satisfy curiosity is a great way for marketers to get their product out there, because it will get stuck in the consumer’s mind, and have them do research on their product. And when it comes time when that consumer needs a new car, the QX30 will be the one stuck in their head. At the top of the poster it states that convention has been warned. The advertisement is saying that this product is so great that we can not even show it to consumers because it is so great and everyone will be blown away by it. There is no way for the sellers to tell the consumer how good it is because it will all be a huge understatement no matter what they say. With the little description they say, it only gets the consumer more interested and wanting to find out more. The advertisement is going to leave the potential customers wanting more, and find out more.

Advertisements need to find a target audience for their products, or they will have a hard time selling them. With the Infiniti advertisement, they are trying to appeal to middle aged, upper class men and women. First the sellers did a good job by not marketing their product towards one gender. If they only focused on one gender, there is a high chance the other gender would feel left out, and be less likely to buy the product. They way people can tell that this advertisement is aimed at middle aged, upper class people, is the photo itself. The image looks to be taken on the Sixth Street Viaduct Bridge, which is a famous spot in Los Angeles. The image is saying that if you drive this car, you can be just like all the famous and rich people who live in Los Angeles. If consumers have enough money to live in Los Angeles, they have enough to buy this car. The message overall is saying that if you drive this car, the consumer will become rich and famous, all without even showing the car.

Need to satisfy curiosity is one of the best ways to advertise, because it gets the consumer to do all the work. With this advertisement, it will leave the consumers wanting more, and with such a competitive field for products, that can be the difference between making a sale or not. The advertisement leaves an impact in consumers minds, and when it comes time to get a new car, this will be the one they remember.

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