Have you read about Linux from Scratch?

Sure I did, Lucas. Actually, I compiled it succesfully a couple of times. 
Also, I used Arch Linux with OpenRC. Arch is the distribution I used the most. Even I’m maintaing some packages on AUR, being minirc-git (which use the busybox init) one of them.

What I want is really simpler than it looks: A distribution that aims on being a good system. As I said:

Every single distribution just feels like a bunch of packages glued to the kernel.

In comparison with systems like OpenBSD, where even the codes have a regulation.

Taking this in count, what I mean with “change” is that the system should evolve in its own way. For example, if every distribution is moving from glibc to musl (like it was done from sysvinit to systemd), instead of just doing it like everybody else, think if it’s a good idea first.

You may be thinking “Why?”. Well, because if it turns to “not being a good idea” you can just stay calmed that you didn’t make a mistake. But if it was a good idea, it’ll never be late enough to make the change.

Thanks for your response! And sorry for my english if a wrote something wrong :P

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