Sharing a story of your Mentor

Mentor ship is very important in the life. It can help us big time in our life. Having a mentor in life will help us get through difficult times. We must be serious in choosing a mentor. Mentor can be anyone from your network.

I have many people in my career path who help me for making me what i am today.From starting my Parents as mentor play very important role to initialize and push me to start a career. During my education career my Teachers remain as my mentors.

During my college life i was fortunate to found a honest and sincere friend who become my mentor and completely changed my life.Life gave me a number of shocks that much I could hardly handle them but with the help and support of my best friend I was able to stab all the hardships in the chest and raised as a winner in a one on one fight with them.He is still my mentor and give me advises when i need them.

In my university i had an interaction with my teacher Sir Munir sb he always taught me in better way and i learn a lot of things other than academic course. Just due to his trust and my humility and respect for him he always ask me first before any decision he want to made for our class.It was a great honor for me. Humility is very important. It is the most important factor in this relationship. If there is no humility then we might not able to share our problems properly.

You know, you do need mentors, but in the end, you really just need to believe in yourself.

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