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🙅 Social Media is Not a Strategy
John-Erik Moseler 🚀

It’s worth pondering when social media is an accelerator, what are we accelerating? People tend to share news headlines, mostly not uplifting- go -out- and- make- a -difference-in -the-world provoking stories. I often wonder if sharing that tends to put more focus on the ‘negative’. When we focus on the negative, we tend to see more and more negative. I see more ‘what is wrong with people’ ‘oh the world is going to hell in a hand basket’ type statuses increase when these posts are shared. And then you see their personal posts and its ranting about this or that, or my life sucks, etc.

Could it be tho, that if we chose not to ‘share’ and focus on those things, we might actually realize there is a whole lot of GOOD and POSITIVITY in the world? Then when the trials come our way ( and that is a promise) we are given that perspective that although it may feel like BAD news, we don’t know what message will come from the mess. That is not to say we can’t feel sadness or anger as a result of what happens, but we look for the light and the message that will rise from it.

Good post JE, lots of nuggets to chew on.

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