My General ideas:

This is a portable blender that holds and keeps you food cold before you put them in the blender.
This is a iPhone accessory that acts as a heating pad so you can heat up your food on the go.
This is a iPhone app that allows you to locate a certain food that you want and it shows you your options.
This is a jacket that keeps you and your food warm and cold, the pockets are on the inside of the jacket.
This is a healthy vending machine.
This is a water bottle that you can choice what healthy flavors you want.
This is a pill that makes your stomach hurt when you eat something that is bad for you.
This is a nut gun, it allows you to shoot nuts out into your mouth. This adds play to something that doesn’t involved play.
This is a spray that you put on your tongue so health foods taste like junk food.
This is a pencil where you can eat your lead and it can make you feel hungry, full, have a bad taste or good taste when you eat.

New Warm-Up Game:

This is my new warm up game. It is called “Who Will Win”. You play it with cards. Two people play at a time, the first person draws a card and has a objective and a secret, the other person also has an objective that contrasts the other person, they also have a secret. The point of the game is to try to protect your secret without lying and you are trying to achieve your objective. This allows the brain to think of crazy excuses and to be on top of your feet. You are also given a place that you have to adjust too. An example would be: Person A: You need to get into the bedroom. You also got home early because you got fired, but you don’t want the other person too find out. Person B: You need too find out why your partner came home early. But you can’t let them in the bedroom because you are cheating on them.

Session Organization:

All the people in the picture are related to the topic becasue they are all in college and they all want to eat and be healthier. In the picture, the girl to the far left is Annie, she is a sophomore at the U and she works at the Rec. I meet Annie in a class. Some of her hobbies are cutting hair and going on Instagram. The girl next to her is Maria she is a freshman at the U and she hardly goes to work out, some of her hobbies are drawing and taking pictures of her roommates, I know Maria because she is dating my best friend. The man on the futon to the left is James, I know James because I interviewed him from the last project. He is a Junior at the U and he plays video games for fun. He goes to the rec when he has time. The person next to James is Matt, he is a sophomore, I know matt because he was in my welcome week group. Matt goes to the rec everyday and he loves working out. Next to Matt is David, he is a sophomore also and he works out when he get motivation. Some of his hobbies are working with computers and eating. Jack is next to David and Jack is a sophomore here and he goes to the rec everyday. Gym is life he said. Finally the last is Mitch, he is a Junior at the U and he goes to a place called Alchemy to workout. He loves to go for runs and hang out with his girlfriend. The setting was in my apartment and I organized it to be a circle. It was late at night. The warm up games that I used were Zip Zap Zop, the ball game, and my game that I made up. They were al shy doing it. The length of the idea generation was around 45 mins. The total amount of ideas generated was 50. The IMP were about .9 per minute. During the brainstorming process I first started with a normal idea generation session, then I gave the group candy for assistance. After that we did rolestorming, then brute think. We then ended with a prop. The total time we spent on each topic was around 7 minutes.

Sorting and Voting:

I organized the note cards into 8 categories. The categories were: Delivery Service (this group is all the ideas that involved a delivery), On Campus Service (These are ideas that involve the campus and groups giving away health stuff), Replacing or Switching Flavors (This group is all the ideas that involved manipulating taste in products), Bottles (this category is involving ideas with shifting bottles to make a product), Shakes and Smoothies (this group is all about health shakes and smoothies and were to buy it and how to distribute it), Tracker (this group all tracks your health progress), Taste (this is all about a spray that alters your taste buds), and finally Pills (this is a group that involves pills to alter your body’s stomach). The voting system I used was you get 3 Xs and 3 Os. The Os represented the most creative and the Xs represent most interesting.

Top Ideas:

Jack came up with this idea.