You should read these Very Short Introductions

A Very Short Introduction is the title of a series of books published with the aim of doing just what the title says. They give you a glimpse into various subjects without being overly technical but still thoroughly covering the subject at hand. Although they might not be suitable for the expert, they’ll certainly help the novice reader. I would reccommend it to anyone as a starting point towards exploring the topic in detail. Speaking from personal expreience they are a great way to gain a basic understanding of various fields.

A Very Short Introduction: Genes

The discovery of the structure and funcion of DNA has been a major event in the 20th century. After learning about the history and the basics of genetics, it will explain concepts such as heritability, why some people suffer from hemophilia and why mDNA is used for determining maternity.

A Very Short Introduction: Infectious Diseases

Epidemics and pandemics are almost constant news items. Whether it is the enormous Ebola outbrake in Afrika or the Zika virus in South America it important to have an understanding of how transmission occurs and how to have it all under control. This book will give you an introduction to the topic while also talking about Influenza, HIV, and Malaria.

A Very Short Introduction: Drugs

According to the book a drug is a chemical substance taken deliberately to obtain some desirable effect. Drugs are widely used every day both recreationally and in medicine as treatments. As they play an important role in everyday life it could be beneficial to gain an understanding of their mechanism.

I would like to finish by saying that I am not paid to write this review and am not affiliated with OUP in any way. I’m just an enthusiastic reader.

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