What I’ve learned in my first 5 years as a software developer
James Wright

Wow James this is a great article.
Some things I love most about this you mentioned:

  1. One should be open minded, humble, and ready to learn from others and also should not be afraid of accepting when he or she is wrong, these are very important qualities one should have or develop as they make positive impacts when one is a member of a team. You will avoid a lot of mistakes and learn a lot of things through this.
  2. Despite being open minded and humble, one must learn to be opinionated as well, swinging whichever way the wind blows will make people los confidence in you and careless about your contribution. Also because in order to be a team player you need to contribute by sharing your ideas as well as exhibiting talent or skill.
  3. It is very important for one to take out time to rest, the worst thing that can happen to any professional is to get into the burnout mode, as that can have a negative effect on your craft/profession and if not treated early can have a negative effect on other parts of your life as well.

Really love this article James speaks to me in ways and helps affirm some beliefs I have about work and life.

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