Black America, please stop appropriating African clothing and tribal marks.
Zipporah Gene

First let me say you sound very intelligent and I respect how you feel. As a black male( I no longer say African American due to the fact the way I feel about my country) I definitely feel that a person should learn about the culutre, and many of us here do and are. It is honestly the worst to watch media and make a full analysis of how we operate over here(The same Media that played birth of a Nation and had more than half the world afraid of blacks because we would murder and rape their woman etc). Many of the people who have these fashions shows and exposing tribal wear and prints are mostly white people. I will keep it real funky, white rules in America. Everyone taps to the sound of their drum, and not the other way around for the most part. America is built off of greed and it benefited one side way more than the other. Black people have been trying to learn and embrace our culture for a long time before you or I was even thought of, unfortunately we lived in a country where they rather had seen our demise than see us uplifted. I say that to say this, a lot of the exploitation of Blacks from America and blacks period come from white ideology. Black people in America don’t have millions upon millions of dollars to put together high end fashion shows . I am from Brooklyn New York and trust when I say there are plenty of people who are aware of various cultures. I am working on my DNA test as we speak lol, but you cant blame black people here for trying to connect in a world they feel so alone. There were and are days when I felt like why I am even here. Also as a black person in America, anyone should always be careful to say I know you got your own struggle, “BUT”, that is what white people say to us over here when we bring up the systematic racism and killing of our people on the daily that our country allows. It gives the vibe you don’t care and are being to dismissive to one’s struggle. So I suggest for those of you who do know about our culture to start outreach programs/non profits so that you may educate the ones you feel need the knowledge, because the blacks in America are going to take it as another person trying to step on who they are in he midst of trying to identify themselves. Honestly as you can see tensions in over here are not the best right now, so any further chastisement of people of color won’t help. Listen to my boy Dr. Umar Johnson, pretty intelligent brother and you may find the things he has to say interesting. I applaud you sticking up for OUR people, I love my African brothers and sisters as much as I love my ones here. We are all the same initially and these things must handled with care, because somewhere lies individuals who want us to keep further dividing us while keeping their culture intact.

Bless my Queen!

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