The First Vision, Version 3.01c
Paul Malan

Recommended by an atheist as something every parent should teach their child, think for yourself. You needn’t believe the dogma to have faith. You needn’t believe literal truth from all legends, myths, allegories, and lies to gain positive life lessons from them.

My own parents taught me to view religion with a semi-open mind. That is, Protestant religions, Jews were a curious lot, Mormons to be despised. Oddly, the Mormons I met seemed to behave in a more Christian-like manner than other Protestants. Catholics were another bunch (some of my best friends are catholic, my mother managed to tell a couple of my women friends). Unitarians were the bottom of the barrel. Of course, I settled in the bottom of the barrel with the Unitarian-Universalists.

Think for yourself. Examine your beliefs and find a faith of your own. Your long letter is wonderful.

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