First and Introduction to a series of posts on road trips, books about road trips, sea voyages and air journeys.

On July 20, 2015 Facebook offered me a link to The Obsessively Detailed MapOf American Literatures Most Epic Road Trips. I couldn’t help but click on that. Detailed on that map and in the text were a dozen trips that had books written about them. If you have the least bit of curiosity about the world around you I recommend you take a look at and even subscribe (free) and get updates about new places and curiosities in our world before the ice caps melt and we take to boats in Waterworld or that comet crashes into us. Or maybe an astroid will wallop us again. Any of those events will probably interrupt the internet so you wouldn’t be able to get updates from Atlas Obscura. So subscribe before there’s nothing left of our world but Facebook.
 Road trip brings thoughts of automobiles, but these trips range from back country backpacking to stage-coach to pickup camper to bus to automobile.
 A glance at the map shows a couple of things. The great fly over seems to also be the great drive through and nobody seems to drive through Florida although someone made it to Hawaii, Canada, and Mexico.

So what can you expect from me?
 Book reviews: Well, sort of. At least some of my thoughts on the books and some of my journeys they brought to mind.
 Memories of past trips: If something I read seems to spark thoughts of somewhere I’ve been in the past, I’ll share that. Or if my wandering mind just happens over something and I manage to get it down on the internet before it flits away, you’ll read about it. Or you’ll read about it if you chose. I can’t force anyone to read.
 Real time blog of trips as they happen: If I go anywhere, that is.

I haven’t read all the books mentioned, nor have I finished all the books I’ve picked up. Some I’ve read multiple times. I’ll add a couple of books about road trips that aren’t on the list above because this is my blog after all.

Originally published at Beau’s Ramblings.

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