Warmer Weather is Coming


This morning I had the pleasure of seeing a post by one of my friends extolling the joys of warmer weather which allowed her to wear warm weather clothes. She illustrated it with a photo of her modeling a lovely bikini. Oh, yes, warm weather, and soon I’ll be able to watch the only spectator sport I ever watch, Women’s Beach Volleyball.
 But this also reminded me of my first trip to New England. I arrived in Newport, Rhode Island in mid May, and about the first week of June, I thought I should go for a swim in the ocean. Remember, I’m a southern boy, and water only reaches that unnatural state of being a solid in our mint julips, never in our rivers. Off to Second Beach I drove, parked in the nearly empty parking lot and ventured into the water. It did feel cold on my feet, but I wasn’t sure of what that sensation was. I waded into mid-thigh depth and was about to dive in when I looked down amazed that I could see my feet clearly. Remember, I’m a southern boy and you can’t see through water in the South. There were my toes. Right there on the bottom. They were blue. I realized the water was cold. Very cold.
 I got out of the water, put on my shirt and pants and retreated to Hurley’s to warm up with a glass of Scotch on the rocks.

Originally published at Beau’s Ramblings.

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