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What the author (and anyone who agrees with the idea of the 49ers “tricking” the Bears into the trade ) doesn’t seem to understand is that the NFL Draft is truly a game of poker — a game of chess, even, to those who play it right.

Now since Bears GM Ryan Pace identified only one “Franchise quarterback” from this year’s class, then its safe to assume that a big gap existed on his board between Trubisky and the field. If Pace had reason to believe there were teams trying to move up (possibly to the 49ers spot at #2), and those teams (like the Browns) had a glaring hole at QB, then how in the hell can you fault him for assuring the selection of who he believes is his Franchise Qb? Pace himself stated that teams were inquiring the availability of the Bears spot at #3, which is a testament to how tight he and his staff played their interest in Trubisky to the vest.

I personally commend Pace for this trade — which, no matter how well or how poor Trubisky becomes, will amount to peanuts in compensation when all is said and done.